Writing A Great Research Paper On Purchase Intention

Research paper writing requires a major part of university, and to write a good thesis on purchase intention, it is necessary to understand what the term actually means. The term defines itself as ‘the interest and willingness of a customer to buy a certain product or avail a certain service’. Therefore, choose a topic which interests you, and learn about the methodology of research analysis and recording findings. Here is the complete procedure on how should begin with your research paper, and how should you start.

  1. A proper introduction
  2. The introduction is the most important part of your paper, since this will create the first impression ab out your research paper. The first page should contain the following elements –

    1. Name of the topic
    2. Name of the student/researcher
    3. University and Examiner
    4. Subject and semester details

    The paper begins with an ‘abstract’, which introduces the professor to your paper. It also gives the purpose of the paper, the methodology approached, the findings given in a shorter form, research limitations, keywords and value of the paper. This is should not take more than one paragraph of your research paper.

    An acknowledgement is important, since it shows your appreciation towards your professors and groupmates in the completion of the thesis.

  3. Body of the research paper
  4. The body begins with an introduction, which gives a background and approach towards the topic and how do you propose your idea. You can quote examples from books and studies done on the same topic, and give the name of the author and the year of publication for reference.

    A literature review consists of an important body of the essay, since this is the area from where the research actually begins. Substantiate your work with diagrams and examples, if needed.

    The research methodology is the most important part of the thesis since it includes your own contribution, and consists of sample data collection and evaluation of the instruments and measures used. If you are using any form of reference, make sure to mention them. Discuss the results of your research and give research limitations and future research being done on the topic.

  5. Conclusion
  6. The conclusion is where you slowly bring to a close your thesis, and this should be done smoothly. At the end, conclude your research with the list of references such as books, previous research papers and reliable websites with their authors and years of publication.

Hence, this is a simple but complete organization which can be used to write out a good research paper. Read a number of other research papers and books to get a thorough understanding of the subject so that you get an edge over your classmates.