Research Paper Topics In Gender Studies: Top 20 Examples

There are categories and sub-categories when it comes to gender studies. Choosing a topic for a research paper isn’t too difficult because there are so many options. The only question is, where to start looking. If you browse through lists you can sometimes get some ideas. Brainstorming also helps. Looking through magazines and newspapers will often be useful as well. Here is a list that can get you started thinking.

  1. What is the future of gender roles in advertising?
  2. Is sexuality constructed or naturally occurring?
  3. Historical and anthropological perspectives on gender reversals
  4. Discussion of the emerging concept of gender culture
  5. How do gender concepts in ancient or primitive culture compare to modern theories?
  6. To what extent does gender inequality persist in the globalized world?
  7. Understanding social problems through a gender referenced lens
  8. The gender gap in developed countries: how far has it closed in the past 2 decades?
  9. The gender payment gap for same or similar jobs in America
  10. Breaking down tradition – dissolving the domestic rules enslaving women to household work even when they are primary breadwinners
  11. Tracking gender inequality and raising public awareness
  12. Does the educational system need to be revamped in order to lessen the effects of gender inequality?
  13. Studying human capabilities – are there really some jobs that should be gender specific?
  14. Job quality and gender inequality in Europe
  15. How does gender inequality affect school dropout rates at the high school level?
  16. How are gender inequality and economic growth indelibly intertwined?
  17. Are masculine and feminine traits and tendencies learned or inherent?
  18. Gender differences in cognition – a study of biology, behavior and society
  19. Questioning one’s identity – interrelation between gender, class and ethnicity
  20. What are the legal perspectives between nations when it comes to gender stereotyping?

Your paper topic must be narrow enough that you can cover it thoroughly within the scope of your paper. If too general, you can do some more looking until you find an angle you can use that’s a little narrower than the original one. This isn’t too difficult once you have uncovered some of the main topics within your topic. In fact you could explore one of the subtopics and if there’s enough data and source material available, you could use it as your main topic. This is a great way to narrow down a topic that starts out too broad.