Research Paper Topics About Hamlet For You To Consider

Hamlet is one of Shakespeare’s classic plays, and students have been reading and writing papers on it for decades. When you are considering a topic for your Hamlet research paper, there are many ways that you can go with the subject. This list of topics will help you understand the story better as well as give you something to write and think about.

Hamlet Topics

  • Hamlet is a drama and in all dramas there is conflict, what is the inward and outward conflict that Hamlet is struggling with in the story?
  • How do the seven soliloquies in Hamlet show his character in the story?
  • Is the story of Hamlet a travesty of revenge?
  • Look at Hamlet’s relationship with Gertrude, discuss it with the reader.
  • The setting of Hamlet is in Denmark, how is this location important to the story that is told?
  • How is Ophelia significant to Hamlet, did Hamlet really love Ophelia?
  • Claudius has been compared to another Shakespeare character Macbeth, what are the similarities between the characters and how are they similar?
  • What are the similarities and differences between Horatio and Hamlet, are the more alike or different and why is that?
  • In Act 5, Scene 2 of the play, what is the motivation behind what Hamlet said and was what he was saying true?
  • What are the similarities and differences between Fortinbras and Hamlet? Is Fortinbras an important character or is he just there to show Hamlet’s personality?
  • What is the opinion that Goethe has about Hamlet and do you agree with what he has to say about him?
  • In Act 2 of the play, Shakespeare references the English Stage, discuss this reference.
  • Why is there a delay in the revenge that Hamlet has planned for Claudius?
  • What is the imagery that is used to show death and suicide in the play?

This list of topics on Hamlet for your research paper should give you a good start, but you don’t have to be contained with these, you can also think of your own topics to write about. There are so many different topics that can be talked about in Hamlet that you could consider taking it other ways that others might not have thought of for your paper. The best way to come up with a new topic is to reread the story and find things that you might have missed the first time you read it; this will help you discover a new topic on the subject.