A List Of Great Research Paper Topics Related To Sports

Don’t laugh, but I can still remember what it is like to be a student, and there honestly isn’t anything worse than being asked to come up with some research paper topics. Yes, sports are fun. Writing about them, not always necessarily so. It is not uncommon for students to dither so long when choosing their topic that it actually detracts from writing the research paper itself. The other problem that students seem to have is coming up with a topic that hasn’t been done to death. Don’t worry, everyone suffers from block from time to time. Thankfully, I have now come up with a list of great research paper topics related to sports for you to choose from:

  • Mo Farah and the cyclist Chris Frume are just the latest two high profile sportsmen to be accused of taking performance enhancing drugs. Explore the history of athletes use them, and look at whether in this day in age it would still be worth athletes ruining their careers by taking them.

  • Look at the role of advertising in sport. How has this evolved in recent years? Are big name brands doing enough to distance themselves from clubs/teams/individuals who might prove to be an embarrassment to them?

  • Injuries – Take an example of a sportsperson who has overcome a serious injury and then gone on and won a medal.

  • Are the fitness regimes in sport too strenuous?

  • The barriers preventing women from being taken seriously in sport. Women have made spectacular advances recently, particularly in things like football. Is there a case to say that women should be paid the same as men? If women want to be considered truly equal, should they play the same number of sets in tennis as men?

  • The relationship between the media and sports. Should certain t.v. companies be given exclusive rights to particular events and games? Does this monopoly restrict certain people from watching sport?

  • What can clubs do to encourage higher attendance at their home games? Could they be more creative in the incentives that they offer to loyal fans? Is it a fact that some clubs take their fans for granted?

  • What more can be done at grassroots level to promote games among school children?

  • Why do so many young people prefer sitting at home on their games consoles rather than actively engaging in sports?