Useful Tips On How To Write A Seven Paragraph Research Paper

Writing this length of a paper calls for the use of all the same steps in composing a regular piece of work. There are different ways to go about completing the task. This article will give useful tips on how to write a seven paragraph research paper.

  1. Think… big. Whatever you do to complete a regular type paper is what you need to do now except bigger. The thesis will call for extra research material. The topic should be one that is easy to gain data. The sources you use should be just as easy to get to as well. You can think in terms of being interesting. I would think more along the lines of popular. If the topic is something everyone is talking about it will be published in many different forms.

  2. Organize your research material. Color-code by paragraph. This will help you get and keep some kind of order when arranging it. Go through and gather as much information as possible. Read it all again from start to finish. Eliminate any of the less-interesting material. You should pick out between 7-10 sections of information.

  3. These sections will be used as topic sentences. The information should help in explaining the thesis. The next thing is to place each topic sentence strategically in paper to best keep the audience’s attention. This is best completed by putting the two strongest topic sentences in the first and last paragraphs. These positions are located where the reader first starts to read and the last part of the paper. Remember that the conclusion is what the reader will tend to remember. The task is to make the information jump off the paper into their head.

  4. Go out of your way to rewrite the paper using the best creative and descriptive styles as possible. This is done by making the audience is part of the happenings. Think of it along the same lines as watching a movie. They should see all the colors and movements. Feel the temperature, rain, and sun that beats down. Rewrite the paper as many times as it takes until you feel the work is the best you can do.

  5. The conclusion should summarize the information in the body. They should be shorter more interesting sentences. Do not get over zealous and enter new material. This will only confuse everyone. When the reader is done experiencing your work they should be talking about it long after.