27 Juvenile Justice Research Paper Topics You Can Handle

Juvenile justice is a sensitive topic for many students, and you need to be very careful when you write about it. There are any controversial issues regarding this matter, and this is exactly what you need to focus on when you write your research paper. This will make your professor and colleagues interested in what you wrote, and it will bring you new information for the future. How about these topics?

  1. Who should we blame? It is the parent’s fault that the child is doing illegal acts, or there is no responsible besides himself?
  2. Age of maturity. Some people believe that we should not consider them as responsible if they are under 18. What do you think?
  3. Death penalty. In some countries, death penalty can be applied on anyone over 14.
  4. Rehabilitation. It is easier to help a child or an adult get over this hard time?
  5. Juvenile prisons. Why do we need special prisons for children?
  6. Life sentence. Should the judge apply this sentence on a child?
  7. Criminal children. Since they do not understand what is good and what is bad, can we consider them as murderers?
  8. Domestic abuse. Can this have an impact on the children?
  9. Psychological support. Very often children are ignored by their parents; can this lead to future problems?
  10. Juvenile law. Is there a special set of laws that applies to children in your country?
  11. Lawyers. Should the lawyers treat their client in different way if they are minors?
  12. Confidentiality. In a legal case, should the minor have confidentiality rights like an adult?
  13. Teenage sex offenders.
  14. Drug abuse; is it really a crime?
  15. Community work would be more effective than jail for teenagers.
  16. Bullying; is this a sign of alarm?
  17. Juvenile crime in your country. Discuss the statistics.
  18. Punishment for juvenile murders; should it be the same like for an adult?
  19. Self defense-what rules apply?
  20. Is the police doing anything to prevent juvenile crimes?
  21. Should there be special lawyers for teenagers? Why?
  22. Custody; if a child commits a crime, should the parent be allowed to care for him?
  23. At what age a teenager should be judged like an adult?
  24. Juvenile terrorism-are they guilty?
  25. Religious extremism in teenagers.
  26. Measures of preventing juvenile crimes in school.
  27. Are teachers responsible for such acts?