Expert Advice On How To Present A Research Paper

Writing a research paper is a cumbersome job; but at least you do not have to justify yourself in front of others while it is being prepared. Any labor you put in is your mechanism; with little connected to others. Its presentation is a different matter altogether.

  • A crisp preparation
  • You know your paper has this opportunity to be eulogized or vilified, depending on the manner in which you present your paper. The preparation has to be top-notch; you need to put a number of hours in front of the mirror.

  • Emphasis on points
  • You should first evince out major points of emphasis from your paper. Then, putting them in a descending sequence, you have to prepare slides which you will eventually present to a motley crowd of learned men.

  • Getting to business
  • The logic is to get straight down to business; so that interest is naturally aroused. People may not be driven to go through the entire paper. Your presentation should act as a catalyst. You should make an endeavor to involve them into the scenario.

  • Choice of topics
  • It obviously helps if the topic is too relevant or strategic. Thus, it is important to be choosy while picking the topic for your paper. You cannot handle that with a cavalier attitude or you will suffer later on.

  • The clean slides
  • Keep the slides clean; with less texts and more blank spaces. It should not give a vision of over-crowding. You should also practice to look more at the crowd than at the screens. It defeats the purpose.

  • Font and background
  • You should keep the fonts clear and bold and the background pleasing and extremely less distracting. The emphasis should be on readers who are not too visually clean; thus the fonts should be bigger for all to see.

  • The standing motif
  • You should have a clear purpose for the presentation. There has to be one point you are absolutely sold on. This is the standing motif of your paper; your squeeze if you will. You should back it with sound logic and enough facts and figures.

  • An objective enquiry
  • Once the research paper is prepared, you should let a learned friend go through it to point out the mistakes; glaring or not. A third person is always a better person to judge. Give him that precedence. It so happens that you are often in love with some points irrespective of their irrelevance. The person will make you see the truth.