Writing A Research Paper On Models In Software Engineering

Software engineering is concerned with theories, methods and tools for professional software development. It is the science and art of building significant software systems that are with acceptable performance, on time, with correct operation and within budget. Software engineers are constantly investigating new and better ways for developing and evaluating software.

Development of model: Research effort in development includes all activities that involve creation and modification of the software, including its design, its code, documentation, etc. Maximum research on models in software engineering is in this area.

Evaluation of model: In this area of research, all such analytic activities related to determining, predicting and estimating the functionality and extra-functional properties of software systems, including reliability and performance is the subject of research.

Six typical phases of research

  1. Basic research is the preliminary phase and includes the investigation is of basic concepts and ideas, putting an initial structure on the problem, framing crucial research queries.
  2. Concept formulation: It includes circulating the ideas informally, developing a research community, converging on a feasible set of ideas, publishing solutions to specific problems.
  3. Development and Extension of research: In this crucial stage of research the research scholar engages in making use of the new technology, clarifying its underlying ideas and generalizing the approach.
  4. Internal enhancement and its exploration: In this phase the research scholar extends his findings to a new domain, using technology for real situations, stabilizing technology, developing training materials etc.
  5. External enhancement and exploration: This phase of research though similar to internal enhancement, involves a broader community of people who are not the developers, yet show substantial evidence of applicability and value.
  6. Popularization: In the final phase the researcher is engaged in developing production-quality, supportive versions of this technology, commercialization and market technology and expanding the user community.

Be innovative and concise

The research paper must clearly explain what the results are and how it works. The results presented must be concrete and specific. Use appropriate examples for added clarity. If a new model is being introduced, clearly state its power. If a new metric is introduced, define it precisely. If a novel architectural design style, pattern, or an identical design element is introduced, consider it to be a new model or generalization. If you are principally synthesising or integrating other components and results, you must be clearly explaining to the readers the benefit of this integration. If the research paper is a report on the experience of applying certain research results to a practical or specific problem, then highlight how the reader benefits from this experience.


Ensure that the conclusion of the research is strong and well-supported. In a research paper, the scholar must explain to an interested reader what he or she accomplished, how he accomplished it, and the implications of this research. You can make a significant contribution to the existing body of knowledge on software engineering by making your research report interesting and innovative. Thus, you have a bright chance of getting it accepted for publication in a journal or a conference.