Simple Advice On How To Write A 10-Page Research Paper Fast

Here is some advice on how to write a research paper as quickly as possible. It really does take some time to do a great job on a paper of any kind but there are some ways that you can develop a paper quicker than other times. Here is some simple advice on how to write a 10-page research paper fast:

    One thing that takes a long time to do is to decide on what your topic is. If your professor gives you a topic, of course that would make your time much faster in completing your research paper. If he told you what your thesis statement is, it would also be much faster but not many professors will do that. The quickest way to decide on what your topic should be is to brainstorm.

    • Set an alarm for 2 minutes and during that time period, write down as many topic ideas you can think of. If you want to make a quick decision, stop once you get to 5.

    • Once you have 5 topics, begin to do a google search and eliminate a couple that look like you may not have much research information

    • Once you have 3, eliminate one of them that you think your reader would be the least interested in hearing about

    • With the 2 that are left, choose the one that you want to do the most. If you are more interested, you will do a better job.

  • Now that you have your topic, begin to do your research. In the back of your mind, think about what you want your thesis statement to be. As you continue to research, you will begin to develop your statement by the information you are seeing. Try to decide quickly what you want your thesis statement to be and then narrow your research down to only that topic.

  • Create an outline- It seems like it would save time to eliminate this step, but this will actually make your whole process go quicker. You will have your thesis statement as well as three supporting ideas to prove the statement.

  • Create your rough draft only elaborating on what you said in your outline. Stay on topic and complete your essay.

  • Check for grammar and spelling, then create your final draft.

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