Marine Biology Term Paper Topics: 20 Questions Worth Discussing

Terms paper are going to be the most important part of your college level education. If you are a student of Marine Biology you have to be quite sincere about it. You need to work as hard as hard as you can so that you can get the best scores in class.. But never delay with a term paper, else you might mix up with things and ultimately it will be a massacre.

Try to get as much information as you can get about Marine Biology, and get a good topic to talk about. The better will your approach be in choosing the topic, the better will your work be. Make a routine and follow the schedule, so that you can complete the entire thing in time.

20 marine biology term paper topics that you should opt for

  1. What are the general characteristics of soft muddy bottom animal and what do you know about them?
  2. How to save the death of white whale population and what are the efforts taken by international health organization?
  3. Zebra: a dying species. What to do about it?
  4. Asteroid impacts have killed a lot of recent marine animals. What are the reasons?
  5. Artificial Plankton blooms are to be managed in a serious way. How to do that?
  6. How does the fish population help in changing of nitrogen cycle?
  7. What are the chains of a marine ecosystem?
  8. Global warming and its effect on the marine organisms?
  9. How does the alteration in weather lead s to change in population of the fish in tropical countries?
  10. Fish farming development taking place throughout the world?
  11. What do you understand about fish farming and fish hunting?
  12. What are the effects of large fleets of ship on the marine ecosystem?
  13. Economy of Iceland runs on eth fishing market. What are the effects?
  14. What are the causes of bioluminescence?
  15. The battles in the marine, the mining al are causing a great damage to the marine ecosystem. Talk about it.
  16. What are the current states of marine commercial feedings?
  17. How does the marine creature navigate and what is the natural phenomenon attached with it?
  18. What can be the solution to the worldwide problems of overfishing?
  19. How can you save the endangered species from being extinct?
  20. Can you really keep an exotic fish as a pet?