Best Topics To Write A Research Paper On: 10 Areas To Explore

Are you in the process of writing a research paper, but are not sure which kind of topic to select? There are a wide range of choice available and selecting the right one will increase your chances of success. With that thought in mind, here are 10 ideas for your consideration:

  1. Personal experience: you could complete a project that touches on your personal touches or personal experience. You might be more enthusiastic about completing a project that you have personal experience in. Furthermore, keep in mind that the more personal experience you have the less research you’ll need to complete.

  2. News story: taking a story from the media and writing a project on it will make for some interesting reading. You just need to select a story that is getting a lot of interest from the public.

  3. Environmental issues: there are a bunch of environmental issues that are not as visible as they should be in the public eye. Writing a project on an environmental issue will greatly increase its visibility.

  4. Technology topics: it seems that nowadays everyone is interested in what the next technological breakthrough will be. You can write a project on the top technological breakthroughs of the current decade.

  5. Plenty of resources: it’s important to select the type of topic that you can provide plenty of information on. It would be difficult to write a great project if you cannot back up your points with good quality information.

  6. Educational topics: it is a good idea to select an educational topic because you will have experience with it. Everyone has been in school and an increasing number in college/university.

  7. Health related topics: if you have had a specific health problem in your life, then you should write a project on that. It will give you a chance to learn more about it.

  8. Political issue: if you have an interest in politics, then create a project that deals with an issue that you feel passionate about.

  9. Psychology: one of the broadest subjects out there is psychology, and there are a lot of interesting topics to be chosen.

  10. Religion: those of you who follow a certain religion could do a study on it, which promotes it and explain why it is worth believing in.