Tips And Tricks For Writing A Literary Analysis Research Paper

Literary analysis requires you, the writer, to look deeply into a piece of literature and come to certain conclusions based on it. These must then be supported with reference to the text. This takes a great deal of critical and analytic thinking. The following tips and tricks can help you to accomplish this:

  • Get your hands on some good examples
  • By reading the examples you can learn what is expected of a high quality paper and how to include those traits in your work. This means, of course, that any sample you use must be exceptional. Poor quality samples only work if you are looking at them to decide what you should not under any circumstances do. Use several so that you don’t end up mimicking the style you find in one paper or from one writer.

  • Pick the best topics for your skills
  • There are infinite topics that can be decided upon based on a single book, play or poem. If you have a particular specialty, there is nothing wrong with playing to that skill set. You have every right to challenge yourself but if you end up with a topic you are incapable of writing, you will suffer for your ego.

  • Write a few test pieces
  • If you have never written this type of analysis before, the first one you write should not be the one you submit to be graded. Find a few good topics online and try them out. You can also come up with some that feel right to you. Don’t do a substandard job just because you are practicing. By doing your best every time you try you extend your abilities.

  • Get feedback from someone in the know
  • Having amassed a collection of samples, you can ask someone who knows how they should be written if yours have done the job. Listen carefully to what they say and if they are not impressed, do not take their words personally. Thank them for their honesty and use their input to improve.

  • Submit before it’s due
  • This may not seem very helpful but it can allow you a chance to get feedback from the person who scores your work. This can then be used to resubmit a better version in some cases. This can lead you to higher grades.

Not all of these tips work for everyone but feel free to give them a try.